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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” –          John Quincy Adams.
Madonna School conducted the Investiture Ceremony with great enthusiasm for the Academic Year 2017-18. The deserving young talents of the School were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of leadership and a sense of responsibility, the new “Student Council Committee” is formed every year.   The Principal, Mrs. E.A.Shiny administered the Oath and Managing Director, Mr. K.L.Nixon handed over the caps, sashes and the flags to the Student Council Committee. The Head Master, Mr. P.K. Jain encouraged the students to be committed to important issues and to always remember that leadership comes with integrity. The Elected Student Council Members of the Academic Year 2017-18 were: Anush of Std.X as School Captain, Hemashree.P of Std. IX as the School Vice-Captain, R.Puneeth of Std.X as Cultural Secretary, Shakthi Kiran of Std. X as Sports Secretary and the Captains of 4 housesEagle, Falcon, Mandarin and Phoenix. 


 The Student Resource Development Team was formed this academic year to conduct activities and competitions for the overall skill development of our students. After a round of selection, the SRD team members were selected and allotted duties and responsibilities of innovating and identifying the various ways of skill development among our students. During this academic year, the SRD team has successfully conducted various activities and competitions which contributed to the improvement of the students in various ways.  The SRD team members have transformed into confident individuals due to their contribution and hard work for student development. They have also learnt the attitude of gratitude and many other life lessons which are crucial for their future endeavors. 

Madonnites celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm by upholding the Indian Culture. The Chief Guest, Col.P.Venkatachalam who had served in the Indian Army for about 40 years hoisted the National Flag. The students showcased their talents by giving due respect to their Motherland and filled the hearts of the audience with love, admiration and respect to our Country, India.

Teachers’ day was inaugurated by the managing committee by giving due respect to Dr. Radha Krishnan. The students took the blessings of the teachers and honored them with a rose. The SRD members organized programmes and rendered a speech highlighting the importance and the role played by a teacher in a student’s life. The Std X students decided to play the role a teacher in order to realize the efforts put in by a teacher to handle a class.


The talented and energetic teachers’ performed the traditional dance of Kerala called Thiruvadhirakali, and recreated the spirit of Onam among the students.
Gandhi Jayanthin was celebrated with great esteem in the School campus. The day commenced with the All Faith Prayer, speeches and slogans which emphasized on the significance of Gandhiji and his principles.  To bring to light the philosophies of Gandhiji, all the students were actively involved in the SHRAMADHAN activity which involved the cleaning up of the environment of Udayanagar and surrounding areas.
Students of Madonna School are given tremendous opportunities to express their skills and to compete with different schools in order to increase their self-confidence, to enhance their skills and to inculcate the spirit of competition within them. Inter school competitions have improved their potential to compete and attain victory in various competitions such as Debate, Maths Story Telling, Dance, Pookalam and so on. It has also helped them to improve team spirit and has imbibed the “Never Give Up” attitude in them.  
 Madonna School celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava with a lot of programmes such as speech, skit, songs and dance. The school also provided an opportunity for the parents to show case their talents. This built a strong link between the Management and the parents. Finally, the programme was concluded with a dance performance by the teachers which triggered the pride and happiness of the kannadigas. 
Children’ Day Programme was completely taken over by the teachers, the highly talented teachers showcased a wonderful dance performance and entertained the students. The students were in turn boosted with energy and they cheered for the teachers throughout the performance

SPORTS MEET 2017-18 

Sports Meet 2017-18 was inaugurated by Mr. Prakash Jolly a well-known International Badminton player. The captains of all four houses honored the Chief Guest.  As Physical Education is an integral part of students’ academics, Madonna School gives a lot of importance to improve the sporting techniques and team spirit of the students. Inter House Volleyball, Throwball, Football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and many other individual and group events were conducted which enhanced the team spirit of the students and they stood united for the victory of their House.


"Fruits are nature’s candies." As the kindergarten students love candies the teachers thought of celebrating “Fruits Day” on so that they get to taste various nutritious candies. The tiny tots of Madonna were over joyed to come to school in their colorful attire to celebrate Fruits Day. They learnt the names and importance of many fruits. Above all, they learnt to make delicious fruit salads and also experienced the happiness of sharing and caring as they distributed these yummy, freshly made fruit salads among their friends and teachers.  
Various Competitions such as Creative Writing, Debate, Maths Quiz, Kannada and English Poem Recitation and Story Telling were conducted for the students of the four houses such as Eagle, Falcon, Mandarin and Phoenix in order to bring in the team spirit into the students as well as to identify the hidden talents of the students. These Inter-house competitions helped the students to stay united with their team and they put in all their efforts to win the overall trophy. Out of 739 students who participated in the competition, the top 38 students were selected and awarded certificates and they were also given the Best Performer badges which added to the pride of the students. Mandarin House was the winner followed by the Eagle House as the runners up for the Inter House Talent Hunt competition 2017-18. 

“We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone.” – Madonna school had decided to contribute something to the community by helping the needy, with respect to this notion, two orphanage visits were conducted for the students. The visit to “Elizabeth Trust” and “Infant Jesus Children’s Home” inspired the students and made them realize their own blessings. Each child had their own untold story of rejection by their parents and these little angels taught the students a lot of lessons which books could not teach them. They taught the Madonnites to be happy in whatever situation God has put them through. By the abundant love that they showed to their foster parents, they taught the students that gratitude is the best attitude that every human being should possess. They are very talented and they entertained the Madonnites through an action song. These little angels had big dreams and they promised that they would accomplish their ambition of becoming the President of India, Doctors, Engineers, Army officers and a lot more. The Management, teachers and students really wish they embrace every single dream of theirs. 

Madonna School conducted a Fancy Dress Competition on November 14th for its tiny tots. The kindergarten students were given an opportunity to confidently stand and present themselves in front of their parents   It was a visual treat for the parents to see their smart and cute little kids in their fancy dress costumes. These super charming heroes’ and heroines of Madonna School conquered their fear with the innocence of their heart and presented themselves in front of the audience. The confidence in the childrens’ eyes filled the eyes of their parents with pride


MIND SPARK- ENCYCLOPEDIAL EXPO- held on the 17th and 18th of January, 2018 was a grand success and a memorable day for the Madonnites. A platform for knowledge sharing was created for the students. They acquired as well as shared their knowledge with the aid of experiments, models, charts and so on. There were about 750 Madonnites exhibiting their creative findings. The Madonna family was thrilled to see around 1000 visitors walking into the campus to witness the exhibition. 


The Std 10th batch of 2017-18 had their graduation day celebration on the 24th February 2018.  The Std 9th students worked really hard to put up a great show for their seniors. The day was filled with fun games, dance, mime, funfare awards and a lot more. It was surely a memorable day for the graduating batch. 


As Mathematics is a part and parcel of everyones' life, Madonna School conducts the Mathematica Talent Exam for the stduents from grade 1 to grade 9 annually. This has helped the students to get an overview about the competitive examinations which they will have to face in their future endeavors. These competitive examinations motivate the students to think out of the box and has helped them understand and arrive at solutions at a faster rate.

Realizing that recognizing and awarding the stduents is the best way to inculcate positive and good qualities into students, the “Super Class Award” is given to the Best class of each Grade based on their performance in the Inter house competitons, Discipline, Smartness, Neatness and Attitude of the stduents. The teachers as well as the Management judges the above parameters of the class and awards the Best class with a Super Class trophy.  This in turn has motivated the students to maintain discipline and has encouraged them to actively participate in the competitions. The Super Class Award winners for the Academic Year 2017-18 were: V A, VI A, VII C, VIIIA and IX A.

All the students are rich in their skills, talents and abilities, hence each class is alloted a particular week to conduct the assembly and to exhibit their talents infront of the rest of the school. All the students are given an equal opportunity to showcase their talents under the guidance of their respective class teachers. This has exhilarated the students to perform at their best so that they get recognized and appreciated for their good performance.  
Updated on: 19 Apr 2018
Updated on: 19 Apr 2018