SCHOOL EVENT (2017-18)



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” –  John Quincy Adams.

Madonna School conducted the Investiture Ceremony with great enthusiasm for the Academic Year 2017-18. The deserving young talents of the School were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of leadership and a sense of responsibility, the new “Student Council Committee” is formed every year.   The Principal, Mrs. E.A.Shiny administered the Oath and Managing Director, Mr. K.L.Nixon handed over the caps, sashes and the flags to the Student Council Committee. The Head Master, Mr. P.K. Jain encouraged the students to be committed to important issues and to always remember that leadership comes with integrity. The Elected Student Council Members of the Academic Year 2017-18 were: Anush of Std.X as School Captain, Hemashree.P of Std. IX as the School Vice-Captain, R.Puneeth of Std.X as Cultural Secretary, Shakthi Kiran of Std. X as Sports Secretary and the Captains of 4 housesEagle, Falcon, Mandarin and Phoenix.




The Student Resource Development Team was formed this academic year to conduct activities and competitions for the overall skill development of our students. After a round of selection, the SRD team members were selected and allotted duties and responsibilities of innovating and identifying the various ways of skill development among our students. During this academic year, the SRD team has successfully conducted various activities and competitions which contributed to the improvement of the students in various ways.  The SRD team members have transformed into confident individuals due to their contribution and hard work for student development. They have also learnt the attitude of gratitude and many other life lessons which are crucial for their future endeavors.


Madonnites celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm by upholding the Indian Culture. The Chief Guest, Col.P.Venkatachalam who had served in the Indian Army for about 40 years hoisted the National Flag. The students showcased their talents by giving due respect to their Motherland and filled the hearts of the audience with love, admiration and respect to our Country, India.




Teachers’ day was inaugurated by the managing committee by giving due respect to Dr. Radha Krishnan. The students took the blessings of the teachers and honored them with a rose. The SRD members organized programmes and rendered a speech highlighting the importance and the role played by a teacher in a student’s life. The Std X students decided to play the role a teacher in order to realize the efforts put in by a teacher to handle a class.


The talented and energetic teachers’ performed the traditional dance of Kerala called Thiruvadhirakali, and recreated the spirit of Onam among the students.


Gandhi Jayanthin was celebrated with great esteem in the School campus. The day commenced with the All Faith Prayer, speeches and slogans which emphasized on the significance of Gandhiji and his principles.  To bring to light the philosophies of Gandhiji, all the students were actively involved in the SHRAMADHAN activity which involved the cleaning up of the environment of Udayanagar and surrounding areas.


Students of Madonna School are given tremendous opportunities to express their skills and to compete with different schools in order to increase their self-confidence, to enhance their skills and to inculcate the spirit of competition within them. Inter school competitions have improved their potential to compete and attain victory in various competitions such as Debate, Maths Story Telling, Dance, Pookalam and so on. It has also helped them to improve team spirit and has imbibed the “Never Give Up” attitude in them.